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Wishing Spell

Wishing Spell Cast Rating: Easy Time Period: Anytime Tools: None Items: Large Bowl           Candles (various) Take any large bowl. Drip a few drops of different colored candle wax in the bottom of the bowl, then … Continue reading


Breaking A Curse

Cast Rating: Difficult Time Period: Waxing Moon Tools: Writing Instrument (Black Ink) Items: Candle (Black) Black Cloth Black String Parchment or paper Herbs: Curry, Dill, Vervain, Ginger (powdered) On the first night of the waxing moon, take a square of … Continue reading

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Cleansing the Body of Negative Energy

Cleanses the body of all negative energyItems you will need: 1 White Candle  (positive energy)   1 Black Candle  (negative energy)   1 Green Candle (healing) Cast your magick circle. Clear your mind and light the white candle. Say the following … Continue reading