Well Being Spell

Cast Rating: Medium
Time Period: Twice a year
Tools: None
1 white or pink image candle
Rose petals (powdered)
Push-pin thumbtack
Star Oil

*To Make Star Oil mix the following:

1/4 ounce almond oil
10 drops lemon oil
7 drops jasmine oil
7 drops rosemary oil
17 drops chamomile oil
5 drops sandalwood oil

When you have been sick, but are beginning to feel better, this is a good spell to cast. It is energizing and will leave you feeling healthier than when you began.

Cast your magick circle.

Carve your name, or that of the person for whom you are casting the spell, onto the candle. Anoint the candle with the oil and sprinkle with powdered rose petals.

Raise energy and focus on general well being as you charge the candle. Burn under the waxing moon, chanting:

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Peace, Health, Joy, Laughter.

Peak the energy and let it fly out to the universe. Let the candle burn completely.

(If you use runes you may also carve Sigel, Flame, and Caduceus in the wax before anointing the candle with oil.)

For periodic maintenance, you may want to use the spell twice a year.

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