Love Spell for Lost Love — 7 Comments

  1. I have found this cool blog article ,and I should say to you thank you so much for providing this article to us.

  2. I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee and I just wanted to thank you for this lost love spell. I used it and an old flame called me the next day. I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to more spells.

  3. Wow, that was a very good spell. Finally, someone who actually thinks and understands what they are talking about. Quite hard to find lately, especially on-line. I bookmarked your real spells blog and will make sure to keep coming back here for more spells. Thanks, keep it up!

  4. ok who has tried this spell please let me know asap if it has worked, i dont want to harm anyone please help.

  5. Thank you, Annonmious for your question. It is your intent that determines whether the spell is harmful or not. As for whether or not the spell will actually “work” depends on your willpower. Do you truly desire for your magick to succeed? Do you truly believe that it can? If so, then do what thou wilt.

  6. so my willpower of it and wanting it so badly to work will it have the possibility to make it work? And I mean no harm I just want things back to the way they were before, and maybe even better.

  7. Yes, but you must remember that change is the only constant in the universe. You may be able to bring back or reconnect with a previous love but it will never be the same as it was before. It it also important to note that the relationship, as it was, may not have been beneficial to you or the other person. So if it is better for either of you to be apart then this will affect the energy available for you when you cast your spell, especially a love spell. Love is offered not commanded. I hope this helps.

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