Binding Spell

Cast Rating: Difficult
Time Period: Waning Moon
Items: Glass Jar with lid
Photo or personal item of person you wish to bind
(1) White Ribbon
Sea Salt
Canning wax

Cast your magick circle.

Wrap the photo or item with nine knots of white ribbon, as you do, invision the person leaving in peace. Each time you make a knot, speak the words…

“I bind you (person’s name) so you can harm none, not even yourself”.

Place the photo or item in the glass jar. Speak the words…

“I bind you with all the power of the great Mother” 

Cover the item with sea salt.Melt the wax and pour into the jar and speak the words…

“I bind you from this day and forever”.

Seal up the container.

Close your magick circle.

Bury the container in the north end of your yard. Tell no one what you have done.

About Tater Scot

Tater Scot is a comic, entertainer & psychic living in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona.
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  2. This is an excellent spell. Although it is rather difficult and requires a great deal of focus, it creates a very powerful talisman. Binding is not to be taken lightly. The difficulty level expresses the serious nature of what you are attempting to accomplish with magick. And the final part of telling no one what you have done. The moon phase is important too, I think. The waning moon is good for it’s banishing energy.

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