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Healing Spell for a Member of the Family

Cast Rating: Medium Time Period: Anytime Tools: Plate, Altar Candle Items: Paper, Writing Instrument Herbs: Angelica, Burdock, Galangal, Horehound, Elder, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Mandrake, Root, Rose, Rue, Sassafras, Yellowdock Cast your magick circle. Prepare an envelope from a square of … Continue reading

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Truth Revealing Spell

Cast Rating: Easy Time Period: Anytime Tools: Altar Candles Items: Petitioner Candle (represents you) 2 White Candles Herbs: Borage (a.k.a. Starflower), Thyme Cast magick circle. Light alter candles. Light herbs. Concentrate hard on the subject about which you wish to … Continue reading

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Well Being Spell

Cast Rating: Medium Time Period: Twice a year Tools: None Items: 1 white or pink image candle Rose petals (powdered) Push-pin thumbtack Star Oil *To Make Star Oil mix the following: 1/4 ounce almond oil 10 drops lemon oil 7 … Continue reading

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A Healing Spell

Cast Rating: Easy Time Period: Anytime Tools: None Items: None Cast your magick circle Focus intently on what needs healing Speak the words – Wrap thee in cotton Bind thee with love Protection from pain Surrounds like a glove. May … Continue reading


Cleansing the Body of Negative Energy

Cleanses the body of all negative energyItems you will need: 1 White Candle  (positive energy)   1 Black Candle  (negative energy)   1 Green Candle (healing) Cast your magick circle. Clear your mind and light the white candle. Say the following … Continue reading


Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

Use Banishing Earth pentagrams under normal circumstances (pentagram drawn starting from lower left point up to top point etc.). Continue reading


Awaken Hidden Powers

This spell will awaken hidden powers within you. This spell can be cast as often as you wish. Continue reading


Safe Travel Spell

An easy to use spell for safe traveling protection that you can cast for loved ones. Continue reading


Love Spell for Lost Love

Take a photo of your lover and a photo of yourself and hook them together with the paper clip so that the faces are on top of each other. (The idea is that the person cannot see past your face) Continue reading


Banishing a Bad Habit

Sit quietly for a few minutes to focus on what you desire to achieve with this working. You may choose to erect a “circle of protection” or “circle of power” at this time if that is your standard procedure.
Using your favorite writing instrument and the parchment, write down a few key words that describe the habit you wish to rid yourself of. Here are some examples: If you wish to release your anger or frustration about a current situation Continue reading