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The Plate or Pentacle

As a caster of real spells, an important and sometimes over looked magick tool is the Plate. The Plate also known as the pentacle, shield or tile, is a magickal tool of the element, earth. It is associated with the direction of North. The primary use of the Plate is protection and shielding for tarot reading, scrying and other forms of divination. It is also used for healing and broadcasting certain earth energies into your environment. Continue reading


The Chalice

When performing real spells and other magickal work, there is often a need to offer libations to the gods and goddesses of your chosen craft. For these rituals, a chalice is necessary. The Chalice or goblet is a cup, usually made of glass, wood or metals like silver, pewter, stainless steel, copper or gold. Continue reading

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The Athame

An Athame, also known as Arthame, is a double edged knife, traditionally with a black handle. It is considered the masculine tool (phallic) and so it is used for commanding, as opposed to the Chalice that is used for inviting or invocation of spirits. The athame’s primary use is to direct energy. It is not used, however, to physically cut items like herbs or cords, a Boline, a knife with a white handle is used for that purpose. Continue reading


The Wand

Should I buy or create my own wand? When casting real spells, you sometimes need a magick wand. While it is convenient to buy a wand, it is important to remember that your wand is an extension of you and by making your own wand you are able to put your energy into it. There is a deeper connection to something you have made rather than something you buy. Continue reading