History of the Magick Spelling

As I learn more about real spells and spell casting, a question has come up. Why is there a “k” included in the spelling of Magick? This question has plagued modern day magicians since it was first printed in John Dee’s Diaries during the Elizabethan age.
The earliest citation of the word is from the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote in 1384:
And Clerkes eke which konne we Alle this magikes nature
That Craftely doon her ententes
To maken in certeyn ascendentes Ymages, lo,
thrugh which magike To make a man ben hool or syke.
It was a popular form during the Elizabethan period. Both Shakespeare and Milton used the form “Magick” in their writings. It is unknown if they added any meaning by using the “K” or if they are just mere errors in spelling. In the modern era, it denotes the difference between Illusionist’s magic or stage magic and those who cast real spells.

It is commonly believed that the “K” form of Magick was returned to common use in the early twentieth century by Aleister Crowley. Crowley had a number of reasons for including the “K”. It is the 11th letter of the alphabet and 11 is a powerful master number. 11 represents intuition, creativity, and inspiration. These qualities, Crowley surmised added power to ordinary magic. Adding the “K” had the added benefit of defining his form of magick from the stage magic performed illusionists. Aleister Crowley defined Magick as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will.”

I have found that even today, using the spelling Magick adding the “K” defines the term as Occult or ritual type as opposed to illusionist/stage performer. For example “Let’s go see the magic show!” or “Let the power of my magick show!” To those who perform the Magick the “K” is silent when the word is spoken but the power remains.

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