Casting Real Spells

You have decided to cast a spell. How do you cast a spell? What are the steps necessary for this task?

First you must find the right spell to cast. What are the results that you desire?

Second, you must research the spell.

Do you have the right tools?

You need to have all the tools, purified and ready before you begin your spell.

Is there more than one person needed for the ritual or spell?

You need to make sure that if more than one person is necessary to cast the spell that you have them with you before you begin.

Do you have all your ingredients for the spell?

Many spells have items that are necessary to carry out the spell like candles, crystals, incense or herbs.

Is the timing right for the spell?

Many spells require a certain time of day, month or year to cast. It is important to also consider the Sun and Moon cycles. New moons are a good time for spells that begin something, while full moons are the extremes of power. Sun cycles or the Zodiac may give you elemental power of fire in Leo or relationships in Gemini. Also, some spells are not just cast once. Some require several castings over several days or months.

Third, make sure you have a quiet space to work in. Concentration is necessary in spell casting. Distractions weaken your ability to draw the energy you need. Many casters have a special room or area in which they work best.  Having an altar to work on is also very helpful. An altar can be a small table cornered off in your special room where you can keep your tools.

Once everything is ready, cast your Magick circle. A Magick circle is a visual exercise. You are creating the circle in your mind’s eye. Some find it helpful to place objects like crystals or stones to mark their circle but this is only to reinforce the vision of the caster.

To cast a Magick circle, take a clear pointed quartz or a wand or your forefinger of your power hand and draw an outline, in the air at chest level or on the ground, visual a golden barrier being painted like a wall of gold. Begin in the north and continue in an unbroken, circular movement. When you have completed the circle, you should see with your mind’s eye that you are enclosed in a sphere of light.

Now it is time to cast your spell.

You need to verbalize your purpose. What is it that you want? Saying what you want helps your draw the energy needed to cast the spell. Concentrate on the desired result to draw in the energy then speak the words and follow the required actions to release the energy in a focused direction or vibration to accomplish your desired result. Be sure to follow the steps of the spell you are casting, very carefully. Many spells can have negative effects on the caster if the spell is performed incorrectly.

Once you have finished casting your spell you need to close the circle. This is done by reversing the process in which you cast the circle.

So what happens now that I have cast my spell? This is the most difficult part of casting a spell because now you need to be patient and let the spell do its work. Spells are rarely instant. They take time. We live in a microwave-we-want-it-right-now society. But the universe is not based on our schedules.  So the best advice I can give is to have faith in the spell that you cast and let the universe take the necessary time to make it happen.

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Tater Scot is a comic, entertainer & psychic living in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona.
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  1. HCG says:

    Very insightful. I love the way you write. Do you have an RSS feed?

  2. Joseph Vales says:

    Hey, I just stumbled on this excellent magick blog. I must point out that this article is amazing. It is a superbly written article about spells. Cheers for your efforts on this valuable information.

  3. Dino Parsons says:

    Seriously now though, I have been deleting those types of comments from day one on my blogs. I can’t stand them, to me it just adds useless junk and filler to my page for no real reason. Nobody gains anything from reading a sentence like that so there is no point of it being there. It does not add any value or any other view points to the discussion.

  4. Which comment were you referring too?

  5. Christian says:

    what are the right tools?

  6. Thank you for your question, Christian. The right tools vary with each spell you cast.

  7. Natha says:

    A vote of thanks to Tater, who saved my family. His readings were right on. And his wise advise helped me reunite with my husband. He is truly a real psychic, without a doubt.

  8. Dan Huchinson says:

    the man is good, he knows his work, he does it better than the others, his readings are accurate. he is such a real person. he is tater, the master of tarot. thanks for the great read. *dan*

  9. Henry Watt says:

    Thank you for this very informative article on spell casting. It was very helpful. I look forward to seeing more.

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