Monthly Archives: October 2011

Find a Job Spell

Cast Rating: Medium Time Period: Waxing Moon Items:  Green Candle Black (or other dark colored candle) Good Luck Oil (Allspice, cinnamon, sage, dill mixed with base oil) Banishing Oil (Cloves, garlic, basil mixed with base oil) Nutmet Thyme Tiger’s eye … Continue reading


Little Candle of Love Spell

Cast Rating: Medium Time Period: Waxing Moon Items: Candle (Red / Male or Pink / Female) Rose Oil Athame  Cast your magick circle Dress the candle with the rose oil. With your athame, carve a heart into the wax, (around … Continue reading


Prosperity Spell

Cast Rating: Difficult Time Period: One Minute past Midnight on a cross quarter day Tools: Candle snuffer Items: 1 gold candle 6 green candles 9 white candles Pine oil for anointing candles Salt Spell begins at one minute past midnight on the night of April … Continue reading

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